The office of constable, established in Article 6, Section 171 of the Mississippi Constitution, is filled through election by district for a four (4) year term. These districts are established as "single member election districts" by the board of supervisors. Each district has the same boundaries as the districts established for justice court judges.

Gerald Wayne Jones, District 1

Donald Moffett, District 2

Andy Hunt, District 3

Robert Anderson, District 4


Requirements and Duties

  • Attend and participate in a two (2) week training session addressing the nature and scope of responsibilities, including firearm use and safety training
  • "To keep and preserve the peace with his county, by faithfully aiding and assisting in executing the criminal laws of the state." 
  • Attend the justice court of his district 
  • Execute all judgments in any criminal case before the court
  • Take the oath of office prescribed by the Mississippi Constitution.  
  • Post bond payable in an amount equal to $25,000.00

Source: Sumner D. Davis III & Michael D. Garriga, "Other Major County Officials," County Government in Mississippi, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, Center for Governmental Technology, Mississippi State University Extension Service, Mississippi State, MS, 2000.